Study with the RACDS

The RACDS study programs provide opportunities for new graduates and experienced dentists to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of clinical dentistry. 

Attain Membership or Fellowship
The main focus of the RACDS education programs is to provide world standard, evidence based education, training and assessment in dentistry, leading to Membership (MRACDS) or Fellowship (FRACDS) in either General or Specialist Dental Practice. Membership and Fellowship begins from the moment you decide to aim for achievement by joining the RACDS. Your RACDS qualifications demonstrate to patients that their practitioner is equipped with the knowledge and skills to practise clinical dentistry at the highest standards throughout their working life. The RACDS also offers accredited education and training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for those dentists or doctors wishing to specialise in this area of specialty practice.

  these programs provide tools for the General Dental Practitioner to coordinate treatment,
   so that you can provide optimum outcomes for a patient

Advance your career with the RACDS
Participation in RACDS programs is suited to all career paths in dentistry including private practice, government health services, academia, and the armed services. Many dentists enrolled in university postgraduate studies will find Membership or Fellowship of the RACDS a rewarding addition to their postgraduate qualification.
The RACDS has education programs in both General Dental Practice (GDP) and Specialist Dental Practice (SDP). Successful completion can lead to either Membership or Fellowship in your chosen stream.

Program Information
Detailed information on the regulations that form the framework for participation in the RACDS education programs can be found in the Education Handbook.

Program Applications
Find out all about applications and enrolments.