OMS Examinations

OMS Examination Registration Forms

  The Surgical Sciences and Training (SST) Examination

The SST Examination is undertaken by eligible candidates during the first clinical OMS training year (OMS 1).

With the introduction of the SST Examination, it is no longer a requirement to present for, or hold a pass in the RACDS Primary Examination.

Candidates will only be eligible for an exemption from the SST Examination if they have completed the RACS Primary Examination (synonyms BST RACS Examination and Generic SET Surgical Science and Clinical Science Examination of the RACS).

Candidates must provide certified evidence of completion of all components of the RACS Primary Examination.

Please refer to Page 70, C – Section 3, Surgical Science and Training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (SST) in the Handbook for more information.

2018 OMS SST Examination - Examiners            

For the 2018 diet of the OMS SST Examination, the following examiners have been approved by the College:

v  A/Prof Martin Batstone

v  Dr Patrishia Bordbar

v  Dr Geoffrey Findlay

v  Dr John Harrison

v  Dr Edward Hsu

v  Dr Ricky Kumar

v  Dr Nathan Vujcich

v  Dr Geoffrey Findlay

v  Dr Jason Koh (Anaesthetist)

The Final Examination

The final exam is a summative assessment of the trainee’s clinical skill and ability. This is assessed through a series of written papers (short answer and essay) as well as clinically focussed Viva Voce that assess higher level understanding of surgical anatomy, pathology and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

When trainees have completed their training or are in their final year, they may apply for Assessment of Eligibility for the Final Examination in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Trainees who have been successful in their eligibility application must then register for the Final Examination prior to the closing date.

Please see Page 143, D – Section 1, The Final Examination in the OMS Handbook 
for more information.

Application Forms 

Application forms for SST and Final Examinations are available here.