To ensure that Fellows, Members and those enrolled in any of the College programs have a local point of contact, the RACDS is organised into Regional Committees.

Purpose and role of Regional Committees
  1. Hold and conduct at least one scientific meeting annually
  2. Make local arrangements for a Convocation of the College at the request of the Council
  3. Assist the Council in arranging special teaching courses
  4. Foster and arrange suitable gatherings for scientific and social purposes.

In addition, the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Training Program is advised by Regional Surgical Committees (RSC) that have been established throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Council's Executive Officer provides a strong line of communication from Regional Committees into Council, enabling close collaboration on education and scientific activities.

In addition, each elected Councillor of the College is an ex-officio member of the Regional Committee of their region of residence.

Currently there are nine Regional Committees - Queensland, NSW/ACT, Victoria/Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Purpose and role of the Regional Surgical Committee

  1. Nominate the Director of Training for each region
  2. Organise and deliver local training events that enable trainees to gain an understanding of the discipline of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

The program of events for each Regional or Regional Surgical Committee is included in News and Events

The members of Regional Committees are appointed for two years. Committees comprise up to eight members, including the Office Bearers of Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. An additional key member of the Committee is the Student Advisor (Director of Training for OMS), who can assist trainees or candidates with questions regarding any of the College training programs or requirements.

Key members of the OMS Regional Surgical Committees 2017 - 2019

New South Wales/ACT
Dr Robert Witherspoon - Chair
Dr Bruce Austin - Director of Training

Queensland/Northern Territory             
Dr Anthony Crombie - Chair
Dr Geoffrey Findlay - Director of Training

Victoria / Tasmania
A/Prof Alf Nastri - Chair
A/Prof Jocelyn Shand - Director of Training

South Australia
Dr Miles Doddridge - Chair
Dr Andrew Cheng - Director of Training

Western Australia
A/Prof Dieter Gebauer - Chair
Dr Emma Lewis - Director of Training

New Zealand
Dr Cameron Lewis - Chair
Dr Christopher Sealey - Director of Training