Convocation 23

The 23rd Convocation was held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart in the beautiful Tasmania, from Wednesday 30th March through to Saturday 2nd April 2016.
In the President’s Address during the Opening Ceremony, Dr David Sykes welcomed the College’s official guests and their partners. Her Excellency, Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, Governor of Tasmania officially opened the 23rd Convocation and Professor Peter Rathjen, Vice Chancellor, University of Tasmania delivered the Robert Harris Oration. Built on the theme: “No Mouth is an Island – oral health in the systemic universe” the 23rd convocation showcased contemporary research and advances in our understanding of the increasingly important role the dental profession plays in promoting individual health and wellbeing.  The Scientific Program was intended to challenge attendees and to encourage clinicians to reflect on the role the dental professional plays play in promoting health. We were fortunate to be joined by two magnificent Keynote speakers, Professors Svante Twetman and Kevin O’Brien, both of whom certainly challenged but also amazed and amsed attendees as they unravelled the contemporary evidence underpinning our management of both dental caries and malocclusion.  In particular in his session titled ‘In the absence of evidence is the salesman king?’ Kevin O’Brien raised important questions around the factors that drive patient expectations and the delivery of clinical services, particularly when there may be little science to support a given intervention.  The concurrent sessions featured  speakers from both overseas and locally who explored the challenges facing the dental profession in providing care for people with increasingly complex co-morbidities including dementia and chronic disease. There was a particular focus on the broader impacts of chronic disease with thought provoking presentations from medical specialists including Professor Andrew Robinson from the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, respiratory physician Professor Andrew Naughton and palliative care specialist, Dr Philip Lee.

The introduction of small group interactive Masterclasses, facilitated by highly respected college Fellows was a huge success as participants were able to engage in case based discussion on a wide range of topics including; managing the aesthetic demands of adolescents, diagnostic dilemmas, blood and surgery and treatment planning considerations in implantology.  Post convocation feedback on these masterclasses suggests that this will become a regular feature of future convocations.
Full scientific papers for all Keynote speakers and Invited speakers sessions presented at the 23rd Convocation can be found in the Annals, an electronic copy of this publication can be found on the website.
The Convocation dinner was held at the internationally renowned MONA museum. The night began with drinks on the ferry from Constitution Dock to MONA. Delegates then had a private tour of the museum before heading to the formal dinner.
Convocation is a flagship event in the RACDS calendar Hobart 2016 upheld the traditions of education and fellowship.  We meet next in Adelaide in 2018 when Convocation will be paired with the 3rd Joint Colleges Scientific Meeting. We look forward to welcoming all of you and our colleagues from the College of Dental Surgeons Hong Kong and the College of Dental Surgeons of Singapore.