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Subscription is available to any interested party regardless of location or qualification and provides access to College communications as well as selected general resources on the online Learning Management System (in progress). Subscription is a prerequisite for enrolment in any General or Specialist Dental Practice examination or the MRACDS (GDP) program.

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Application procedure
Please complete the Online Subscription Form and forward it to the RACDS along with:

  • Certified copies of any relevant qualifications
  • Two passport size photographs
If you are a qualified dentist you will also need to provide:

  • A statement/certificate from an institution that you have obtained a degree or certificate qualifying you to carry out the full practice of dentistry
  • A statement/certificate from the registering authority in your country of residence that you possess a dental degree or qualification which currently entitles you to carry out the full practice of dentistry. This statement/certificate must have been issued within the previous 12 months (not required if registered in Australia and/or New Zealand)

Please Note
All certificate(s) must be accompanied by a certified translation when the certificate(s) is not in English.  To ensure the safety of documents certified photocopies rather than the originals should be provided. Originals received will not be returned to the sender. Please see the Forms page for more information on certifying documents.

Application forms
A full list of admission, application and all other forms required for General and Specialist Dental Practice.

Key course and exam dates
Key course and exam dates are available in the current year's College Calendar.

General and Specialist Dental Practice fee information 2019.


1. Is subscription to the RACDS compulsory?

Subscription is not compulsory for all course and events; however it is a prerequisite for enrolling in any examination or course which will lead to Membership or Fellowship in General Dental Practice or Specialist Dental Practice.  Please note that potential candidates who have not yet subscribed will not receive any RACDS correspondence such as news on upcoming courses and reminders for closing dates.

2. Is there a close off date for subscription applications?
There is no close off date and you may subscribe at any time of the year. If your subscription has lapsed, you will be sent a reminder six weeks prior to expiry date. No further correspondence will be received until your subscription is renewed.

3. How do I subscribe?

Please click here to subscribe.

4. What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribing to the RACDS is a prerequisite for the pathways to Membership and Fellowship. Benefits include receiving correspondence about future RACDS exams and courses, news and updates. This will also include access to selected general resources on the online Learning Management System.