Specialist Dental Practice - Fellowship (SDP)

Transitional Phase for Fellowship or Membership in SDP
The Council of the College recently approved the Handbook – Membership and Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice. 

A transitional phase is in force where candidates that submit applications for Fellowship or Membership examinations or assessments will be assessed for eligibility under the previous guidelines outlined in the Appendix to the Regulations – Specialist Dental Practice until 1 April 2017

This transitional phase applies to assessment of eligibility only and the revised examination case report requirements, examination structure and guidelines will be in force from 1 April 2017. 

For a copy of the Appendix to the Regulations – Specialist Dental Practice which is in place until 1 April 2017 click here.

Please contact Rachel Introna, Examinations and Assessment Officer at racheli@racds.org for further information.

Fellowship SDP


The Handbook contains detailed information regarding Membership and Fellowship in SDP including:

  • Entry requiremets
  • Application process
  • Examination format and content

To obtain a copy of the Handbook click here.



To view a copy of the exams and assessments timetable click here.

FRACDS(SDP)  info@racds.org


Fellowship in SDP

Candidates for Fellowship (SDP) are required to have a broad and deep theoretical knowledge with clinical application in all aspects of the Specialist Dental Practice.

Fellowship in a Specialist Dental Practice discipline represents the assessment and peer review of a candidate at an advanced level. This follows the completion of a period of specialist experience gained after the completion of a higher university qualification in that 
discipline.  It is seen as a continuation of learning and professional development in that discipline.

Admission requirements
Prior to applying for assessment of eligibility to present for the Fellowship Examination in Specialist Dental Practice, a specialist must have:

  • Attained the award of Membership (SDP) in that Specialist Dental Practice discipline
  • Completed the requisite period for specialist practice

As part of the Assessment of Eligibility, candidates will be asked to submit a Clinical Logbook. Specific requirements can be found in the Handbook - Membership and Fellowship in SDP.

Assessment of specialists for Fellowship is conducted through an examination which includes submission of case reports and a viva voce examination.

How to apply
Find out everything you need to know about Specialist Dental Practice pathways in the Handbook - Membership and Fellowship in SDP
. Please ensure you read this document before applying and contact RACDS if you have any questions. We have a dedicated education team to assist you with your enquiries.

To have your eligibility assessed for a College Fellowship examination, you will need to submit an FSDP01 - Assessment of Eligibility for Fellowship Examination.

If assessed as eligible, you will then be invited to submit a FSDP02 – Enrolment for Fellowship Examination for your chosen examination.