GEN01 - Subscription
GEN03 - Admission to Membership or Fellowship
GEN04 - Refund Request
GEN05 - Special Consideration Request
ORD03 - RACDS Gown Hire Order Form

General Dental Practice(GDP)
MGDP01 - Enrolment for MRACDS(GDP) Program
MGDP02 - MRACDS(GDP) Assessment Application
MGDP03 - Enrolment for MRACDS(GDP) Viva Voce
MGDP04 - MRACDS(GDP) Extension Request
MGDP05 - MRACDS(GDP) Repeat Module Application

FGDP01 - Enrolment for Orientation Course
FGDP03 - Enrolment for Primary Examination
FGDP04 - Exemption from the Primary Examination
FGDP05 - Enrolment for Final Examination Workshop
FGDP06 - Enrolment for Final Examination Web Based Program
FGDP07 - Enrolment for Final Examination

Specialist Dental Practice(SDP)
MSDP01 - Assessment for Membership by Prior Recognition
MSDP02 - Assessment of Eligibility for Membership by Examination
MSDP03 - Enrolment for Conjoint Membership Examination
MSDP04 - Enrolment for Membership Examination
MSDP05 - Statement of Verification of Case Reports

FSDP01 - Assessment of Eligibility for Fellowship Examination
FSDP02 - Enrolment for Fellowship Examination

Requirements for Certified Documents

  1. To ensure the safety of documents certified photocopies rather than the originals should be provided. Originals received will not be returned to the sender.
  2. Officers verifying documents should write “This is a true copy of the original sighted by me” and sign the document, print their name, profession/occupation/organisation, contact details and date verified. Justices of the Peace should also provide their registration number.
  3. Ensure the signature is not photocopied, is original and states clearly the name and position of the signee as well as the date certified.
  4. All certified documents must be accompanied by a certified translation when the certificate(s) is not in English
  5. The RACDS accepts documents certified by any of the following:

For Australian and NZ Residents:

  • A Fellow of the College

  • Justice of the Peace / Commissioner for Affidavits / Commissioner for Declarations

  • Administrative staff of the institution which originally issued the documents

  • Head of a Department of a Dental Hospital or Dental Facility


  • Judge of a Court / Master of a Court/ Magistrate

  • CEO of a Commonwealth Court

  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar of a Court / Clerk of a Court

  • Sheriff of the Court

  • Member of the Australian Defence Force – rank of Warrant Officer or higher

  • Police Officer – rank of Sergeant or higher

For Overseas Residents:
  • A Fellow of the College
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Staff of an Australian Overseas Diplomatic Mission
  • Administrative staff of the institution which originally issued the documents
  • Registrar / Senior Staff of an overseas Australian Education Institution (i.e. Australian Education International or authorised Australian organisation)