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General Dental Practice (GDP) Membership MRACDS 

This guide contains overview GDP Program information:

  • Program Structure and Format
  • Suggested Timing
  • Core Modules
  • Elective Modules
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The Handbook contains detailed GDP Program information:

  • Program requirements
  • Modules
  • Examinations 
  • Application forms
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  Membership (MRACDS) in General Dental Practice

The MRACDS(GDP) Program is a two to three year structured educational learning program for qualified General Dental Practitioners (GDPs), that aims to provide an ongoing high standard of patient management, diagnosis and treatment for the benefit of the community.

The MRACDS(GDP) Program is structured to enhance and support the acquisition of knowledge and skills of GDPs and provide a structured approach to
Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

MRACDS(GDP) is an achievable step to RACDS Membership. On its own it is not a registrable qualification to practice dentistry in Australia or New Zealand.

Definition of RACDS Membership (GDP)

Membership is the first level of achievement in the progression of professional development with the RACDS.

A Member of the College:

1. Maintains high ethical standards and is a role model for others in the profession.

2. Is a skilled and highly competent practitioner who has a broad base of experience in general dental practice.

3. Has breadth and depth of comprehensive scientific knowledge relevant to the practice of dentistry.

4. Through comprehensive study and assessment has shown that this knowledge can be applied in clinical problem solving scenarios with proven ability in treatment planning and risk management that promotes better treatment outcomes.

Membership with the RACDS is a two to three year program comprising six core and three elective modules which are underpinned by:
  • The equivalent of 120 hours appropriate CPD courses to underpin core and elective modules
  • Selected reading and self-paced education
  • Assessment components (open book short answer questions, case reports and a viva voce examination).
Core modules
Core modules include practice management, infection control, diagnosis and treatment planning, medical emergencies, pain and pain management, therapeutics, law, ethics, risk management and examination techniques and dental imaging.

Elective modules
Endodontics; Periodontics; Dentoalveolar Surgery; Operative Dentistry; Combined Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Special Needs Dentistry; Combined Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.

Examples case studies are available for EndodonticsPeriodontics, and Operative Dentistry.

Mentoring Program

An experienced mentor is provided for each MRACDS(GDP) candidate. The mentor will assist their candidate with professional guidance, advice and general support related to the program.
Conjoint Examination with the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
Candidates undertaking the Membership in General Dentistry program with the
College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong, can elect to undertake a conjoint examination leading to the MRACDS(GDP).

       College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong

How to apply
You will first need to subscribe to the College. Find out all you need to know about General Dental Practice pathways in the General Dental Practice Handbook.

Frequently asked questions about Membership in General Dental Practice.

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